Social media Advertising

Start reaching potential customers at each stage of their journey from awareness to conversion.

Meta Pixel Set-Up

Tracking the behavior of your customers gives valuable insight into their purchase process. We will set up pixel tracking across your channels and measure the quality of the results, making adjustments as needed

Ad Creation

For every social media network we will create unique advertisements. Because what works for one network doesn’t necessarily work on others. This will make your ads stand out from the competition.

Audience Segmentation

Advertisements are a waste of money if they are shown to the wrong people. 
Therefore, we will segment your audience to ensure the right ads are displayed to the right people.

Testing & Optimization

Our work is never done. Once we have implemented a paid social strategy, we will test the advertisements and continue to make changes in order to optimize results.

Why SMA matters

There are almost 1 billion people on this planet who use social media on a daily basis. That’s nearly 1 out of every ten people who have some kind of social media presence. Among all these people, there are a large number of potential clients out there that you can reach with the help of our Social Media Advertising service. Paid advertisements on social media are a great way to reach new customers while re-engaging with existing ones. But only if it’s done effectively! Otherwise, you are throwing money into a void with a random chance of seeing results. There are many social platforms out there and the decision of where and how to run advertisements makes it even more complex. With our knowledge and expertise we can help you create (more) effective social ads.

Our Process


Step 1 Map the Customer Journey

First we begin we the installation of all the trackers, to ensure we can measure the advertising results effectively. Then we start with the audience segmentation.


Step 2 Create & Test Ads

Secondly, we will create various advertisements, testing with several messages, images, and targeting audiences. Once the ads are launched we continue optimizing them until we find the best combination. 


Step 3 Results & Growth

The optimizations we make will improve your paid social results. You will see an increase in your social media following, brand awareness, and conversions. This results in making more money.

116.14% more social traffic compared to last year

“In 2018 I started with Grid Marketing in order to raise brand awareness and increase sales via Social Media Advertising. Since then I have experienced a noticeable growth within my target audience. The communication is quick and professional and during the monthly analyses due consideration is always given to my personal wishes and ideas. I would certainly recommend Grid Marketing to any company that wants to get more out of their Social Media campaigns!”

Eva Luna, Online Health & Lifestyle Coach @ Eva Luna Lifestyle


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